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Crosby Housing

After many years with a relatively stagnant housing market, the Crosby City Council established a Housing Authority in 2008.
Immediately the Housing Authority set out to develop Fifth Avenue Townhomes, building four rental units and adding four more within a year.
It then helped with the development of Northern Lights Villa Assisted Living Center, and before long had take over management of Wallin Manor, a 32-unit apartment complex.
Executive Director
Brenna Smith
Board of Directors
Les Bakken
Jon Stone
Shana Haugenoe
Don Wolf
Brian Lund
Housing opportunities in the community are:

-- Fifth Avenue Townhomes -- 701-965-5570
-- Wallin Manor Apartments -- 701-965-5570
-- Northern Lights Villa Assisted Living Center
       -- 701-965-6384
-- Ask Apartments -- 701-965-6561
-- Crosby Homes Apartments -- 701-965-5245
-- Penney Place Apartments -- 701-965-6352
Housing Registry
In addition to managing rental property, the Housing Authority maintains a housing registry in which it attempts to match people seeking housing with those providing it.
All property owners with residences for sale or rent are asked to contact the housing authority to have their properties placed on the registry. Likewise, those seeking housing are invited to check with the Housing Authority for information about properties included on the registry.
Wallin Manor
Four buildings, each with eight units, make up the Wallin Manor Apartments. Originally built in the late 70s, a major renovation and remodeling project was completed in 2006.
Wallin Manor was developed under Housing and Urban Development programs that permit rent subsidies based on the income level of tenants.
Wallin Manor supplies electricity, water, garbage collection, washer/dryer, and outdoor electrical outlets for car plug-in. Tenants are responsible for telephone, television and internet service. Some garages also are available for rent.
Fifth Avenue Townhomes
The Housing Authority owns and operates the eight townhomes that comprise this project.
The townhomes include one-, two-, and three-bedroom units with one- or two-car garages.




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